Lanai Wind
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Project Description

Castle & Cooke proposes to install a 200 to 400 mega watt (MW) wind generation facility on the island of Lāna‘i in Maui County, Hawai‘i. The northwest portion of Lāna‘i has some of the best class of wind in the world. The electricity produced from the wind farm would be transported via a submarine cable to the island of O‘ahu.

Wind Map
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The project will consist of approximately 67 wind turbines and will be located within an area of approximately 5,500 acres (based on a 3.0 MW turbine model) in the northwest portion of Lāna‘i. 

After a preferred interconnection point(s) on O‘ahu has been determined, a submarine cable route acceptable to State and Federal agencies will be determined. The takeoff point on the Island of Lāna‘i would be in the vicinity of Polihua Beach. The landing point(s) on the Island of O‘ahu would lie between Pearl Harbor and Kaneohe Bay.

Other infrastructure required include small pad-mounted transformers located at the base of each wind tower, overhead and underground transmission lines, AC/DC converter stations on Lāna‘i and O‘ahu, substation and operations maintenance facilities, access roads and improvements to Kaumalapau Harbor.